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King Experiences revolves around the idea that when a man experiences a life-changing event such as a divorce, his world comes crashing down. Years of attachment to a relationship have now come to an end and you find yourself feeling lost, bewildered, and in the middle of a tornado of legalities, dividing household items, and trying to find new focuses to distract your mind. You're wandering around a city filled with memories of a previous life that no longer exists. The places and smells of your current city are filled with memories of your now ex-partner. We understand that this is one of the worst experiences of a man's life, and our goal is to remove your mind from this situation. Five days in Cali, Colombia will help you feel like a king, which we believe can help you then plan an amazing future life. 

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Our Team


Bain Craddock, CEO

US Air Force veteran and avid salsa dancer, Bain has visited 14 countries and counting. He usually travels with the goal of diving deep into a city while visiting local gyms and dancing as much as possible. After going through difficult breakups, Bain realized that he could help men navigate the worst experience of their lives by offering hope and a different perspective in countries that are paradise compared to his home country. 


Nata Florez, Event Coordinator

Natalia "Nata" Florez specializes in Colombian company administration, with a focus on management and organization. She has created unforgettable memories for private parties and companies for over 10 years, from weddings to business events to quinceañeras. 

These People Know...

Everything I expected, and more

"While not officially a divorce, I visited Colombia and booked an excursion with DPC to close out and finally move on from a long, drawn-out breakup. I hadn't even realized how beaten down my confidence had become and how disinterested in life I was as a result of staying in a situation I should have left long ago. The first night out in Cali was a rebirth."

Bodhi Short @bodhishort

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