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The King Experience - 5 Days in Cali, Colombia 

Our bread and butter. A packed 5 days designed for one purpose- excreting your mind from the normality and stress of your current life so you return, quite literally, as a new man.

La vida es una chimba.

Image by Matheus Ferrero


Do you want 5 days to yourself in paradise? Or would you like 5 days full of memories with your closest friends in one of the most amazing countries in the world? It's up to you. We recommend 8 people or less for the full experience. 


In short, we have taken decades of experience from living in Cali and filled 5 days with the most amazing food, company, events, and locations you could imagine. You'll have daily exercise, eat at the best restaurants, see incredible shows, and see the city with the best company. 

Image by Flavia Carpio


Welcome to Cali, Colombia. Once home to one of the most powerful drug cartels in the world, it is now a salsa-loving paradise with average daytime temperatures of 85 degrees year-round, world-renowned for it's nightlife, beautiful people, and gastronomy. 


*20% downpayment required to reserve dates

Give me more details...

You book the flights, we handle the rest.* 

Arrival Day. We have a trusted driver pick you and your party up from the airport and take you to your stay. The fun starts tonight. Delicious food with a view, and great company.

Day 1

Your first full day in paradise. After a delicious Colombian breakfast you're off to work out, and then learn how to dance salsa. After a fantastic dinner, you'll experience Cali's salsa culture at its finest followed by one of the best restaurants in Cali (hint- the video on our home page is from a normal night at that restaurant).

Day 2

Day 3

Reminisce the night over another prepared breakfast. After exercising you'll play a local Cali favorite with the boys, like cornhole with explosives. Tonight will be unforgettable, as you'll have bottle service at one of the highest-rated nightclubs in all of Latin America.

Day 4

Recover Sunday morning with breakfast, a yoga class, and time at a local spa. The night holds one of the most amazing shows you've ever seen.

We understand you don't want to leave but today is the day. You'll have a fun-filled day and start dispersing for flights.

Day 5

*Our package includes all items on the itinerary. It does not include extra souvenirs or experiences while in Colombia

Frequently Asked Questions


What's the full process to book the King experience?

Complete the mandatory consultation. If it's a good fit from both sides, send the 20% deposit to secure dates. We send the complete itinerary to every member of your party and you send us flight details for every individual in your party (it's fine if they arrive at different times). The rest of the full payment is due by noon 48 hours before your arrival date (12pm on Tuesday before your arrival). You will have a personalized contact in case any questions arise. 


I heard Colombia is generally dangerous, but Medellin might be better. Will I be safe in Cali?

Colombia was a dangerous place years ago but the major cities are now very safe, especially in the tourist areas. Cali is generally safe but we advise to not walk around some parts of the city on your phone or with lots of jewelry. Petty thieves are not going to choose a group of men as their victims. 

Medellin is definitely a prettier city than Cali. However, Medellin is filled with tourists and is quickly becoming "Americanized." Cali has an energy that is indescribable and is also a bit warmer. Medellin does not have the salsa culture of Cali and, in our opinion, the people are friendlier.


Can I do drugs on the trip?

We do not condone drug use and will not be offering any on this trip. However, you're an adult and can make your own decisions.

Are you ready? We select our customers to make sure it's a good fit from both perspectives. Let's chat. Select a time here.

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